Marriage, A Business Transaction

Marriage way back then was even used to preserve peace between tribes, nations and clans. Teen age children were offered up to the opposing family to keep the peace, merge resources or combine armies to conquer a common enemy. In other cultures, arranged marriage were practiced to keep the family wealth within the family. These days, marriage is one of the most taxing, highly romanticized, totally commercialized life events. It is most taxing because based on what I have heard, weddings are a headache to plan. There is a whole industry just for planning it. It cost a lot for the participants to prepare and depending on the location, it may even cost those attending the event.

So why do I do I call marriage a business transaction? Well, for one, it’s a partnership isn’t? A merger if you will, between what used to be two sole proprietors which is even executed with a marriage contract. From then on, all assets obtained after the signing of the contract become conjugal property. So it’s a merger, executed with a contract and is a big factor in asset acquisition, doesn’t that sound like your run of the mill business transaction? If that is not enough. In some cases that single transaction can either make or break you financially. Just ask anyone who married a billionaire. On the other hand, if you marry someone who maybe a decent person but can’t hold a job, or constantly makes poor and costly decisions, then your merger can easily go bankrupt. You may love each other but you would be loving each other broke. So if it is a merger, how much are you willing to spend in marking the momentous occasion of signing the contract?

On average, the minimum cost of a wedding is 35 thousand. Minimum! Well they say, you only get married once? Well one could only hope. Unless the couple themselves or their families are already well off then that means, they are starting off their partnership in debt! Even if they saved up for it, would it not be better to use that money as a down payment for a condo or a house? But it’s a celebration of love and the union of souls they say. Is two to five thousand dollars not enough to celebrate true love? Would you love each other any less if the wedding is not as elaborate as what the media portrays and not as grand as what other people expect?

You might find it easier to handle a battalion than a wife and kids because if you treat your spouse as your partner then both of you are on equal standing and no one out ranks the other. That means any decisions, from the simplest thing as how do you want to spend your weekend to life decisions such as where to live or buy a house, would have to go through some kind of negotiation. Just like in business, marriage is a constant negotiation and decisions would have to be unanimous. Unless you subscribe to the idea that between husband and wife, the man has the last word and the wife is just there to support her man. Good luck with that. Quite frankly I am still surprised that in this modern times and in this western culture, that there are still women who are fine with that practice.

I may sound like i am taking the romance out of marriage but ponder upon this.

In business, you would do your best for it to grow. You are committed to stay in a partnership because your livelihood depends on it. You would treat your partner with respect because you have equal stake on the business. You would even celebrate milestones in your partnership and perhaps expand. Would it not be nice if we did all that with our marriage?


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