Are We Living in 1984?

If you thought Nostradamus’ predictions were on point, try reading Orwell’s 1984! If we look closely, it was as if the current tactics being applied to our society today was directly lifted from the this book.

There are so many references to this book, that I am actually surprised that there are still plenty of people who have not read it. I guess unless it becomes a required reading in school, this book will just be one of the forgotten ones. It is unfortunate though, because it literally reflects what is happening now in our current American society even though it was written sometime around 1948.

Big Brother

Take the term Big Brother, both the term itself and the reality show of the same title are from this book. It’s the idea of an overly surveilled society that is watched over by government which is Big Brother. The reality show was a hit because it was sexy and we were the ones watching. People are naturally curious as to what goes on behind closed doors, but what happens when it’s the government that is spying on you? Maybe not even the American government, what if it’s the Chinese Communist Party? How about if it is big corporations, like Apple, Google and Amazon that’s watching you, listening in to your conversations, mapping out the places you’ve been and reading your thoughts through the words that you type in your phones, tablets and laptops? Have you ever actually read one of those End User Agreements? You’d be surprised how much information you are allowing these companies and apps to collect from you, from us. Are we comfortable with that? We say, well, they are just gathering all that information to customize the ads on our phones? Ads? We can only hope it’s just for ads.


In 1948, there were no smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and WiFi cameras just yet. So the author imagined that the surveillance was going to be done by brain washing people to get into the program and spy on each other and through a “telescreen” which was required for everyone to have at home. It was basically a big TV with a wide angle camera that watches everyone in their homes. In the book, it didn’t matter if you had money or not, actually it was set under communism so everyone barely had money for food. Unlike today, when we actually pay to buy these devices so companies and governments can spy on us. They even ask for our permission and we gladly agree to it! Every time we check that “accept” or “agree” box on the end user agreement or the terms and conditions on every device and every app. It does not even stop there, we actually pay up to 3 to 4 hundred dollars to allow them to monitor our heart beats, body temperature and sleep pattern! Anyone here wearing a smart watch?

Thought Police

One of the ways the communist government brain washed the minds of its citizens as described in the book, was to change history. Books and any other symbols that documents or signifies history were burned or taken down, so people would eventually have no memory of it. Tell me again, how many statues where vandalized and forcefully taken down by the rioters these past months?

Pen and paper were made illegal so that no one can accurately record what was happening in the prescient. This was also done so that there would be no private, original or independent thought that could be arranged, expressed or recorded which was considered as a “thought crime”. All thoughts and speech were monitored by the “thought police.” which could basically be your neighbor or even your own family who have already been brain washed. A person will be arrested if their thoughts and speech did not align with the party’s agenda. Today, our pen and paper are Facebook, twitter or YouTube and whatever other platforms on which we can supposedly freely express our thoughts and opinions, but for quite some time now, well known people who have built a following but whose opinions does not align with the popular party’s agenda are being silenced and taken out of those platforms; which in effect brain washes the masses who in turn becomes the “thought police.” Exaggerated comparison? Well, this is an easy theory to prove. Just go out on the street or to anywhere were there are people and say out loud that you believe in God, in law and order and that all people matter. It would not take long before someone will cuss you out. Tell me that’s not censorship. Or try this, hang a big American flag on your property or where a T-shirt in public with the American Flag on it and see what happens.


The other way that the communist government in the book, brain washed it’s citizens was to change the meaning of the words to it’s opposite meaning or antonym. This was to confuse people. It was a way to scramble people’s thoughts to erase history and for them to not form any thought independent from what the party dictates. Change the meaning of the words, create new language, tell the lie often enough and it becomes truth, and viola, you end up with a society with a whole different mindset, values and culture. So tell me something, in this day and age, what do these words mean? Gender, Race, Racist, Racism, Ethnicity, Ethnic Group, Culture, Protest, Riots, Looting, Arson and Peaceful.

Previously Gender was biological, apparently now its a mental state and as fluid as the weather or whatever emotion a person feels on any given day. Oh and apparently plural pronouns should now refer to single person, try that the next time you give a speech or write a legal document.

Protest before was something like an expression of one’s disagreement or a petition to the Government for a redress of grievances. Now, apparently it means burn down cities and take whatever you can from people’s businesses. Back then those were called rioting and looting, apparently now it’s a block party, according to the mayor of Seattle. The people who riot and loot were simply called criminals, now they are what? party goers? When I hear peaceful protest, I think of the way Gandhi did it or the EDSA revolution in the Philippines, where thousands protested by praying and giving the government soldiers food and even flowers. Now by the looks of things, Peaceful means, robbery, arson, assault, people getting pulled of out their cars and getting kicked in the head and people’s vehicles getting shot at, if they do not want to join the mob.

Now tell me aren’t we living in 1984?

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