I Pledge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Happy 244th birthday to the United States of America!

As an immigrant of this great country, I had to get a crash course in American History. Nothing to deep, just how it was founded and the principles it holds dear. It was and still is required for people who are choosing to be an American Citizen and even though it was a chore, I am glad that it is a requirement. Since I was the one asking to be taken in, it is only logical and fair for me to learn of this country’s history, language and culture. It felt like I was a child in school again studying for an exam but the difference is if I fail, it’s my life that is at stake and not my grades. Even though it was just a requirement with the paper work, I like the principle behind it. It gives the person migrating a chance to learn what the United States of America is all about and what it stands for, for better or worse. After all it is the country we are asking permission to migrate to. Anyone who does not like it, should bug off! It is also works both ways, it lets the people who are migrating here know what we are getting into.

I understand when people outside of the United States trample on or burn the American Flag for whatever atrocity they think this country has done to theirs but to see that done by people living here! That is just disgusting! From then until now, people are going through hoops to get here, waiting for years on end for their petitions to be allowed to come and stay, be granted. And these people who were born here are disrespecting their own country’s flag? If it is as bad as they say it is, why don’t they leave? Unless of course it is all for show.

I guess they just don’t know what they have until they loose it. All their radical ideology are all well and good until applied in real life where resources and security should be accounted for. They encourage vagrancies, looting and crime until it comes closer to their homes. Just look at Seattle’s Mayor, she kept on calling the hostile take over of Seattle streets a festive block party until the rioters got to her front door.

Now more than ever, do I appreciate the flag and for which it stands for Freedom. Even though we could wish for a better way to handle this Pandemic, I still appreciate that we were still free to move around and secure resources like food and other necessities. Some business and services were even allowed to operate. People were even allowed to protest, riot and loot! Yes, I mean allowed, because I have seen another country virtually turned to martial law, where people weren’t allowed to literally go out of their homes. People who lived by daily wages had to depend on government rations for the household which were barely enough to feed one person for a couple of days let alone a whole family. Oh and the looting? Try doing that in countries where the government is truly in control. When caught those looters are either whipped or get their hands cut off! Those governments do not succum to political correctness, wokeness or swayed by popular culture.

That flag means a lot not just because of the blood shed and lives sacrificed by the men and women who serve and have served to keep this country safe but also the ethos that it represents. Freedom. Sadly some of us will not know what that means until they loose it.


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