We All Take Sides

Every time I look at my phone and go into these media platforms, there it is. The agenda of the year. It’s practically a loop of Ads for this well funded organization that is promoting destruction, riots and looting, disguised as a cause, disseminated as news.

As we already know, social media platforms are private companies whose owners have their own political agenda. So they shutdown whatever content that does not agree with their agenda and bombarded users with news feeds of whatever they actually agree with and promote it for free. I try to tweak the feeds that I get but they still show up!

It is totally understandable given that these owners are people and as long as people are running things, there would be biases. We try to hold some people to a higher standard, expecting that they will uphold the principles of fairness, equality and be totally unbiased, but as long as humans existed so did our biases. It is the idealist in us that expects otherwise. Even judges are biased that is why California became a socialist state. Those same biases are the reasons we still use people as judge and jury so that humanity is still taken into consideration in convicting or acquitting a person and to interpret the gray areas of the law. Just imagine if our justice system was automated and was run by robots. The programming would have to be well defined. If the law is violated, there is an automatic and equivalent punishment. No ambiguity. No need to find out why the crime was committed. No need to consider any other factors. No need for lawyers. It would be simple and more efficient but most of us would probably be sentenced to dead, drowning in debt with fines and slaves to the system. Of course technicians could write in codes that will take into account all of the various possibilities of a court case, but there would just be too much presumptions made and still not capture all the possibilities. Are we really going to put human lives in the hands of a programming? On the other hand, a programming is only as good as the people who coded it, so again, the human factor, hence the human bias, which will surely creep in the system at one point or another.

According to some philosophies, finding the balance is the key. We hear it all the time. It’s the main principle of attaining peace within and without. The Yin and the Yang. Learn to live in the dichotomy. Negotiating for a compromise. Form no opinion because there is always at least two sides to every story, but if it weren’t for the people that took a side and stood for it, we would not be here. The freedoms we cherish only exist because the brave ones among us took sides and continues to take a side and protect it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Kennedy / Burke

The only problem with that is, both sides think they are on the side of good and the other side is evil. No wonder some Buddhist and peace seekers isolate themselves up in the mountains. There are just too many sides down here.

One mans trash is another man’s treasure, one man’s rebel is another man’s freedom fighter, one man’s cause is another man’s socialist principles. The problem arises when one man forces his beliefs down the throat of another. We can seek to understand both sides and be peaceful in the middle until we are forced to choose and take a side and if we don’t the choice will be made for us.

Even the hypocrite celebrities, and the politicians in Seattle and Chicago was forced to uphold law and order even if it is only to save themselves. I dare anyone who defends these riots to bring the riots to their neighborhoods, let those criminals assault their families, burn their livelihoods then we ask them again what they think about it. It’s quite different when destruction comes closer to home and it is our lives, our family our livelihood that is at stake.

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