6 Practices worth keeping from the Pandemic


Though the Covid attack has caused a lot of harm around the world, it still brought about some practices that I think are worth keeping.

First is Social Distancing. Don’t you appreciate empty elevators? Because of the virus, people are now conscious and actually take the time to either take the stairs or at least wait for the next empty elevator car and not cram in like they used to. Everyone is now conscious of each other’s personal space.

It is not just about personal space. It is also for security. Having six feet between you and an attacker gives you a couple of seconds to react. It isn’t much, but a couple of seconds is still better than none at all especially if you are scanning your surroundings. A little distance gives you ample warning of potential dangers.

Second is the decrease of crowded events. I know everyone likes to see a concert, watch a movie in theaters and all that. And we should be able to enjoy those fun activities but in this day an age when domestic terror is prevalent, crowds are simply targets. That is why the Israelis have a very smart practice of profiling people in their airports instead of asking people to form lines to go through pat downs and metal detectors because those lines funnels the flow of foot traffic and stalls it to a dead stop which basically forms a crowd and is an attractive target to those people whose intent is to do massive harm.

Third is no more handshakes! It may not look like too sociable, but they seem to be fine in countries where bowing is the way to greet people. To me bowing actually shows more respect than a handshake because some times there is even quite an ego involved in a handshake especially between men. Sure one can tell a lot about a person’s handshake and skin to skin contact is more personal but when we talk about hygiene? I think bowing is still the best.

Fourth is working from home. Now if you are one of the fortunate ones who were able or were allowed to work from home, tell me, wasn’t it nice? A little more sleep, less spending on gas, no need to commute, just roll out of bed and viola, you are at work! No more traffic which means more time with the family as well! Less water cooler gossip or unnecessary conversations. A lot of companies who didn’t offer work from home options before, found out that it was actually possible and even more efficient. So what I don’t get is why are they trying to get people back in offices again, if working from home actually works!

Fifth are Video calls. There are a lot of apps that have somewhat of the same capabilities but zoom just took over the market. From classrooms, office meetings to even doctor’s visits! And now a days I would rather do a video call for a doctor’s visit than to go to the clinics because you never know who has what.

That is why I also like the idea of masks indoors which is the sixth on my list. I know it is a hassle, I know it isn’t comfortable, I know it ruins make up and all other complains that you can think of but have you noticed that no one talks about flu anymore? As if the flu just went away? That is because we masked up and washed our hands. It boils down to hygiene which not everyone actually practice. The disadvantage that I am actually concerned about is that is now harder to profile when you can’t see people’s faces.

Perhaps these practices are only for people like me who are not that sociable but you can’t deny that some of these are practical.

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