Build Your Boat

Find what floats your boat, go do it and just enjoy the process

Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

We have all heard about it, you probably have been invited to at least one or have been forced to attend a “meeting” at one point or another but does it really work? Is it a Scheme or a Scam? One good thing I can tell you is that most of the Pyramid or Multi…

Budget Tip: Categorize it

Assuming that you have written it down and got a quick look at where you are in your finances, it is time to dive a bit deeper in organizing your budget. Just like how genres help us to find movies and music that we like or how the isle labels help us find items at…

Pandemic Panic

From grocery stores to gun stores.   They are all sold out! Have you secured yourself and your family in all this chaos?

Learn to Fall

We may not have the choice of where life throws us but we could at least choose how to take the fall.

Car buying scams

No matter how the dealer promises “ultimate transparency” or “pay less without the haggle” in their slogan, never ever believe a word they say!

4 life saving habits

“By instinct, people will run towards the door they came in through, so always go for the alternate Exits to avoid the stampede.”

6 Disaster Preparedness Tips 

All those things will run out and all you will be left with is, You. Your confidence and your skills are what will help you and your family survive.