Must haves when SHTF


Some get too focused on what gear, tools, equipment or food to stock up on but this is way down the priority list because it is you, your body, mind, and spirit that needs to be prepared first.

It would be great if we can actually buy all the great tools, gears and products for survival preparedness but of course they cost money and space and can even be a burden if there is a necessity to flea.

Every family has a different comfort level and skill set, hence gear and equipment will vary from family to family, but here are some basics stuff that you might want to equip yourselves with.

Rule #9 “Never go anywhere without a knife” – Gibbs of NCIS 

  • Knife  –  For any mundane situations, from the simple cutting of food packs and fruits, ropes and boxes to dire situations and self defense a knife is one of the best tools to always have handy.
  • Flashlight – What good are all your gear if you can’t see what you are doing or where you are going.   Having a flash light is just a given.  Cellphone lights may help but I would rather save my phone battery for communications and have a small separate light.
  • Travel Johns – it is like a long barf bag with chemicals that solidifies urine while you try to shoot it through a hard plastic opening shaped like a cup but slightly curved to fit female genitalia as well. Specifically made for travel, they are good to have on a trip, on a hike, long drive and yes also in disasters.
  • First aid kit/bag – Perhaps the easiest to acquire is a first aid kit. I am not talking about just a case of aspirins and band aids. I am talking about bags or backpacks that are sold as survival kits. They usually come in red for easy recognition. It comes with a good 2 day supply of food and water and basic stuff such as flash lights, flare, blanket and yes band aids. They can easily be bought on line or at your local store such as Walmart and Target. Buy one for the car, at home, and even in the office, give it as gift to let your loved ones know that they too have to be prepared.
  • Bug out bucket – First their is the kit or bag, now there is the bucket, an actual bucket that stores all your survival preparedness supply. The bucket also doubles as your toilet or water container.  The bucket has a good sturdy handle but I don’t think it is practical to carry on foot but suitable to throw in a bug out vehicle. It is supplied with other necessities such as rope, flint, axe, bolo, blankets, potable water tablets, portable gas stove and much more.
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  •  MRE – Meals Ready to Eat and the likes, is of course a no brainer. You need  food to survive! There are also dehydrated meals, which are basically dried foods that are ready to eat after you put some water and heat it up. The problem with that is, the water part. In a disaster situation, you may not be able to get to a potable water source right off the bat. While MREs on the other hand is, just like the name says, ready to eat. The pack contains food and heat source. It might be good to stock up on both.
  • Water – With all that food you need something to push it down with and like the saying goes, you can live months without food, but without water, you can only last for 3 days. So needless to say, stock up on water if nothing else. Water in gallons, bottles, tubs, how ever you can get and store it.

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