Diversity Quota

Let’s say you have a business that runs on several employees. Would you hire people based on qualifications or based on your quota on diversity of ethnicity, shapes, sizes and genders?

I guess now, a day they would rather you hire the lazy, the incompetent and incapable as long as you have a “diverse” group of people employed. Good luck to your business.

Businesses and employees are now being required to go through some kind of class or seminars persuading them to suppress their logic and natural instinct in observing patterns. These classes are supposed to “encourage” employers to hire people of different ethnicity, sizes and genders disregarding their qualifications but what happens if encouragement turns into a requirement?

Let’s say you have a business that promotes clean and good smelling plumbers and the person applying for the job is unkempt. The person didn’t even seem to make any effort to at least look presentable but he fulfills the right ethnicity for the government quota. While another guy who is quite presentable and is as qualified but of a different skin color than what is demanded by the regulation. Who will you hire?

How about this, let’s say the job you are trying to fill is physically demanding. A lot of heavy lifting and reaching is required. Here comes a guy with a build that suits the job description. While a short, petite applicant of the 5th gender is applying for the same job. Who is the logical hire? But what if you have exceeded your quota for the male gender what then?

How about if the job requires not only a lot of lifting heavy items but also miles and miles of walking and climbing of stairs? You have one guy who looks fit and active applying for the job and another who is ten times bigger and seems to be a step away from a heart attack but you have not filled your employee size diversity quota?

Of course the examples are exaggerated. It is very rare that a guy who can barely walk would apply for a job that requires a lot of it. It would be very rare that a petite person of any gender would apply for a job that requires heavy lifting. So why the push on the diversity quotas then? To open up companies for law suits? A pressure from the current cancel culture?

Yes, it can not be denied that this country’s history has its share of discrimination. Is it still going to this day as they claim? I don’t know. As far as I know there are already several millionaires and prominent people that are of every other color of skin other than pale. From actors, musicians, athletes, politicians not to mention one former president. Wouldn’t they be a testament that this country have passed that phase in history?

So, is all this furor aimed to suppress our natural instincts? Our natural biases? Yes our biases are natural, the same way you like or dislike a certain food, music, or clothes is the same natural bias we have on people.

People will be people. We may generalize and clump them together by their appearance but at the end of it all once we have made connections, all that fades away. Put a group of people in a pleasant environment with pleasant people, they would get a long no matter their ethnicity. Or give a group of people a common challenge to overcome that benefits them all, they will find a way to work together, never mind their sizes and genders.

I admit that it does not feel good to be prejudged, but have you ever dated? Isn’t it all profiling and prejudging? Yet we like to play that game. Of course dating is different from getting a job or is it? We dress up when we go on a date to impress, don’t we do the same in an interview or a sales pitch? If the date turns into a partner, we do our best to keep our attitude in check so we could keep the relationship. Shouldn’t we do the same at work to keep our job?

Is generalization an evil that should be suppressed? Isn’t that just a sign that we have enough intelligence to think logically and observe patterns? What is the standard color of car tail lights? What is the color of stops signs? What does it mean when the stop light turns red? Did your brain figure out the pattern? Does that mean you discriminated the other colors? Surely not all things that are red means stop but the pattern exists.

Generalization has spared us from danger more often than we think. It is the same pattern recognition that gives us the feeling that we just entered a suspicious neighborhood and that we should turn around. I am sure not everyone in that neighborhood is a threat, but what’s the use in proceeding? The same generalization animals and insects make to determine which prey is poisonous is the same thing we have been using to survive and evolve. Why are we suppose to suppress that?

Are we suppose to pass on someone qualified just because of a quota on ethnicity, size and gender? Are we suppose to disregard the physical nature and requirement of the job just so we can fulfill the number of genders required? What is so wrong with hiring qualified people, period? Isn’t that discrimination to the people who deserve the job as well?

Maybe instead of regulating and focusing on people’s differences in appearance, how about initiate apprenticeship programs so people can be judged by their work ethic, abilities and perseverance. Everyone can be put to the test on even footing. If they make the cut, kudos to them. If not, then try again or find another field. That gives businesses a chance to see what kind of employee they are getting and the applicants a chance what kind of company they are getting into.

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