All a Matter of Perspective

Before the lock down, I was complaining of having to work on weekends.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t find another position in my current work that only required me to come in Monday through Fridays, but now that a lot of industry had to lay off their people, I am just thankful that I still have a job.  I am now even volunteering to take weekend shifts and offering to cover for whatever shift I can get! It’s amazing how big of a difference a change in perspective does.
When the lock down was announced, I even got envious of those who could actually work from home but then I got to talk to people who actually got laid off or whose hours were shortened, which made me ask myself, “what the heck am I complaining about?”  When it was extended, I became anxious, thinking that we may not have enough if it goes on any longer, but then I start to think of those who wasn’t so fortunate in for seeing the current situation and are now stuck in two to three hour lines just to stock up on toilet paper and food for the next few weeks.  Quite frankly, if it weren’t for the instincts of the Mrs. I too would be in one of those lines at the grocery.  It also made me think of those who are taking care of the elderly or are elderly themselves who cannot afford to stock up on supplies, either because of cost or the difficulty of hauling them in.  Then of course there are also the thousands of people who are actually suffering and dying because they were infected.  Add on the sorrows of the families that were left behind. Thinking of all those people calmed me down and made me start to just take things one day at time and appreciate every moment that my family and I are healthy and still have jobs.
Changing perspectives helps us see the other side of things.  It helps us remind ourselves that it isn’t as bad as we think since others may have it worse or if it is the worst then there is no other way to go but up.  It is sometimes difficult to do so, that is why we seek the advice of someone who has a more objective point of view when we are troubled because it is quite hard to see a better perspective when we are in the thick of it when all our emotions and worries are spinning in our heads.
 A soldier who survived after being blown up by an Improvised Explosive Device lost all his limbs during his deployment.  All the while his wife back home was pregnant.  During his recovery when he was still hurting and still experiencing the psychological trauma, his baby was born.  He thought to himself, he does not want to put his family through the agony, so he gave his wife permission to take all their possessions and just go.   To let them live their lives and leave him be.  His wonderful wife refused and told him that they will go through it together as a family.  During recovery a retired marine who was also a quadruple amputee told him that he will be fine and he can get through it just like he did.  That showed him a perspective from the other side of the tunnel and lifted up his spirits.  After all the painful rehab and learning how to function with prosthetic, he now visits the same hospital where he was treated and tells his fellow amputees that they too can make it through.  
Come to think of it, whatever it is, may it be a personal issue, social, political or worldly concern it is all a matter of perspective. We always think they are wrong and we are right until we have seen the other side. Maybe by changing from where we look at them, can we  actually solve issues rather than just argue about it.
Half empty half full, looking for the silver lining or the bright side, finding the inspiration to go on, understanding the other person’s point of view, responding positively to a difficult situation, is all a matter of perspective.


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