Pandemic Panic

From grocery stores to gun stores.   They are all sold out! Have you secured yourself and your family in all this chaos?

Assuming that the reports are true and not just propaganda,  the deaths caused by the virus around the world is significant but not as bad in relation to the overall population.  Of course that does not mean anything if it is you or your loved one that is affected.

The scarier and more immediate concern is the panic that ensued.

There was this book titled “One Second After.” It’s about what happens if the United States gets hit by a powerful Electromagnetic Pulse  that fries all our electronics. It describes the panic it causes and how Americans adapt to the collapse of the world as we know it. It tackles what we would have to do to survive and the struggles we might face when our morals conflict with those choices.  It tells of how your friendly neighbor in time of desperate need can turn into your worst enemy. How we would all fight for food and supplies because gas pumps, grocery registers and all shipping and transportation stops working. It’s a scary thought but totally plausible.

We are not at that point, thank God, but this panic buying is a glimpse of what can happen when more crap hits the fan.

There were a lot of memes and bashing on people panic buying paper toilet on social media but now that supplies actually ran out, but now the same people who did the basing are looking for something else to wipe their butts.

Good news is, even though most of everything is made in China, we still manufacture our own toilet paper!  So, rest assured, your closest box store will restock and we can wipe all our behinds of all this crap. It might take some time for production to keep up  and the price may increase due to the basic principle of supply and demand, but they will be back on store shelves.

I know that panic buying isn’t good.  It disrupts the supply chain, breeds further panic and encourages price gouging, but what can you do when it has already started.  You have no other choice than go out and get some for you, which is the literal definition of panic buying. Needless to say, it’s better to stock up early and regularly.  I know not everyone can afford it, which goes back to our financial discipline. We have to always monitor that budget and put away that thousand dollars for cases like this.  Others would say that the supplies we stock up on inevitably won’t last, but if it comes to that point then we have bigger problems than toilet paper.

Another interesting thing that popped up in this whole mess is the anti 2nd Amendment crowd and that is basically the majority of California, yet gun stores sold out as well!  I guess when reality sets in, all those idealistic socialist principles go out the window. Many who were in line went home empty handed because they forgot that in this socialist state of California, there is a 10 day waiting period before the firearm is handed to the buyer!  Not to mention all the other infringing requirements! They probably, finally realized it ain’t as easy to purchase firearms as mainstream media says it is.

Is this the zombie apocalypse that they joke about?  Probably not, but it will sure tank our economy for a while.

Actually, the cynic side of me thinks that this is somehow a plot, to destabilize our economy.  That at the end of it all, whoever gains the most out of this chaos is the culprit for releasing the virus. May it be the big pharmaceutical company that will make the most money in producing a vaccine,  China getting back on the US for the recent trade deals or the other political party trying to ruin the current administration’s legacy. Someone, somehow has a lot to gain. I just wonder who.


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