Offended by the Flag

A few residents of Laguna Beach California expressed their disapproval of the newly redesigned graphics of their local police department vehicles and are urging the city to change it. Stating that it is too aggressive and that it highlights the last three letters “ICE” which may stand for “Immigration and Customs Enforcement”

Last time I checked Laguna Beach California is still part of the United States of America. If the city chooses to be patriotic and represent the country and the American people, by using the one thing that unites us all which is American flag, then they should have every right to do so!

Unless they can spell “Police” without the last three letters, then leave the word alone! If the way they read is just looking at the lastcan three letters of words, then that’s their prerogative but in the country we read all the letters. Besides, if it weren’t for California’s politicians who willfully causing the deterioration of the state by declaring it as a “sanctuary state,” police are supposed to be involved and cooperate with federal agencies to rid the country of people who broke the law!

Fortunately there are still sensible people in the city council of Laguna Beach who voted 9 to 1 to let the graphics stay and let their Police Department continue to be proud of the country and people they serve.

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