2 Major causes of stress

“Learn from the past, live for today and  plan for tomorrow.”
Fine words to live by but it is easier said than done
Two of the most popular causes of stress that we put on ourselves is living in the past and worrying about the future.  
We all love to reminisce about the good old days, telling each other stories of our glory days and how it used to be, but the key word there is good; the Good old days.  Remembering those times makes us smile and get our endorphins flowing especially if told with old friends, but with the past, comes old hurts as well. When we focus on those, each hurt becomes another layer of armor that we put on to protect ourselves from getting hurt again.  We tend to be more on guard towards people.
Even our own mistakes tend to make us hesitant in trying again or trying new things. We tend to think that with our past luck, it may not work for our favor, but then we lose out on the opportunity.  
Even our glory days if taken negatively may cause us to think that, that was it; forgetting that there is more in store, that we have more to offer, other talents we have yet to hone and share.
The trouble is, finding the balance.  Learning from the past yet knowing that history does not guarantee the same result.  History may repeat itself, but the way we respond is what makes it a new experience.
Perhaps what robs us of our today the most is worrying about tomorrow.  it is the natural fear of the unknown that steals our joy for the now. It does not help that we have quite a creative imagination.  The same imagination that we use to create new things and find solutions is the one that expounds our fear. Imagining all the what “ifs” then finding out later once the feared event has passed that it was not as bad as we imagined it to be, but we already lost the time to worry.
Finding that thin line between worrying and simply planning for the future is the hard part because for us to plan for tomorrow, we have to imagine, the what ifs. It almost sounds like the chicken and the egg thing, how can you get one without the other. 
Learning from the past
We’ve all made mistakes, wishing we chose better, done it differently, but we are who we are now because of past choices, good or bad is relative.  When we sum it all up, those are what got us to where we are now. Unless we don’t like where or who we are now, then we just have to simply choose a new.
For our future, well who the heck really knows.  As far as we know, the choices we make now builds the pattern for our tomorrow but even that is not a guarantee.  How much control do we really have? We know that the universe has a law of attraction. What we resist persists and that we reap what we sow but even that is uncertain.  One earthquake, one tsunami or one wild fire can wipe it all away in one fell swoop.
Live today
So what are we left with?  If we cannot bring back the past and tomorrow turns into “today” the moment we awake, then all that is left is now.
We may make our plans but God has the last word.
We can sulk on our pains, but to what end?
I guess this is where faith comes in.  Trusting that whoever or whatever we believe in has our back.  Omnipotent to help us rise from our past and make a new, omniscient to grant us comfort that our future is taken cared of and omnipresent to get us through the now.  To have that trust that at the end of it all, whatever happens, everything will be alright.
“We just have to constantly remind ourselves that 
yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow never comes so today is all we have.” 

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